Kenneth “Ken” Albin was born in New York, but moved to Florida as a young seven-year-old. Shortly after moving, Ken’s parents were divorced, which left him deeply hurt for many years. During this time Ken, being Jewish, went to Hebrew school and Temple regularly. At the time of his thirteenth birthday and Bar Mitzvah, many confirmed a calling as a “rabbi” or “cantor” on his life. It was soon after this that Ken’s grandparents met the Lord at a Full Gospel businessmen’s meeting. With momentum that came from above, Ken’s father, David accepted the Lord, Jesus as his Savior. Being moved by his father’s “born again” experience, Ken was now himself open to hear the message that so radically changed his dad’s life. In the summer of Ken’s sophomore year of high school, he gave his life to Jesus and his life was radically altered. He has been faithful to the house of God ever since. His mother, Racquel had also accepted Jesus and was now serving the Lord full time in Messianic ministry with her new husband, Rabbi Charles Kluge.

Ken has served in various areas of ministry including children’s ministry, youth ministry and music ministry. He also has served in both associate and senior pastor roles for over twenty years. He has earned his Bachelor of Theology from International Seminary and his Master’s Degree from Liberty University. He is also an accomplished singer/songwriter who has written over 100 songs. He loves to worship with the guitar and the keyboard. Ken met his wife, Lisa at her grandfather’s church in Margate, Florida. They were married when Lisa was just eighteen years of age. Six years later they welcomed their only child, Brittney into the world. Today Brittney and her husband, A.J. serve with Ken and Lisa in ministry and have a beautiful daughter, Brielle. Ken and Lisa founded Save the Nations Church along with a handful of committed people who gathered in a home on September 17, 2006. God had put a vision in their hearts to reach the nations and bring light to a hurting world.Ken and Lisa currently serve as the overseeing pastors of the South Florida church campus in Broward County. As founders and pastors, they desire to inspire, instruct, resource and help people discover the destiny God has for them. The nations have become their home as together they travel to the nations, teaching, reviving and sharing the resources that help make influential disciples and bring people into appreciation of God’s Torah, His “instructions.”Ken has always preached the word with the inspiration and revelation of the Holy Spirit. He has recently been on a journey to bring Christians into an understanding of the roots of their faith. “The Christian church has been hacked!” as Ken states in one of his latest books about restoring the inheritance and identity back to the church.Presently, there are two international Save the Nations churches in Brazil: one in Rio and one in Marica’. Brazilian pastors, Diego and Kelly are doing an amazing work for God and great fruit is seen in that nation.Ken has authored many books. All are available on Amazon. They are also being translated to Spanish, Portuguese and Russian languages. Ken's books are available on Amazon.