Hit the Mark is an outreach of the ministry of Save the Nations, inc founded by Ken & Lisa Albin in 2006. The teaching of God's Torah and instruction has always been to bring life. When you live and obey the Torah which is God's Word, the Holy Spirit will help anyone hit the mark in life.

When you walk in the light of the Torah you hit the mark. Sin we know means to miss the mark, so when we don't follow and obey the Torah we miss the mark & the best and good life God has for us. Ken & Lisa want to help Christians learn how to begin to obey the Torah in simple things like learning how to honor the Sabbath and the Moedim appointed feasts of the Lord. Ken has written books and has teachings to help resource the church to this end. 

Their vision is to Save the Nations by teaching Christians the true identity and inheritance as connected to Abraham, which they call being a Hebrew Christian. Though the term is not common or usually connected, it should be. A Christian is a person who has crossed over from death to life and from darkness to light. This person is a disciple of Jesus Christ and follows His teachings.

A Hebrew Christian is a person who also embraces their inheritance and identity in connection to Abraham. The Hebrew Christian understands that they are not separated from, but connected to Israel, and receives the benefits of that rich tree and identity. In no way is a Christian or a Hebrew Christian ever to think they replace natural Israel or the Jewish people. This is a dangerous and demonic doctrine that has caused many to horrors in the past. The Hebrew Christian is no longer hacked and no longer has their identity and inheritance stolen. They begin to see the Shalom of God working mightily “Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken, Nothing Lost, All Restored!”

Please consider becoming a monthly partner with us as together we give the light of the Torah to Nations.